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Efficient Warehouse Staff & Truck Unloading

Watkins Repack & Lumper Services supports warehouses and food and beverage companies throughout Georgia by offering repacking solutions, truck unloading, lumper services, and more. Whether your warehouse doesn't use in-house staff, you're short-staffed, or you received a larger shipment than expected, our team is here to deliver the solutions you need. We work hard and save you money with lower labor costs and covering all liability responsibilities for our employees, ensuring you enjoy a more affordable alternative to your own warehouse staff.

No matter your warehouse needs, count on us to keep you covered.
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About Us

The people behind Watkins Repack & Lumper Services have worked in warehousing for more than 25 years. We've worked background and run facilities, and our owner even worked as an operation manager for a grocery distributor in Lake City, Georgia. We also have experience in transportation and shipping, along with hands-on involvement in a range of retail environments. We truly love this industry and enjoy working with the people and companies that move freight from one place to another. Should you have any issues with our services we're always happy to resolve them quickly, and we strive to always ensure your needs are taken care of. Customer service is our priority, and we'll do all we can to ensure you and your business get the most from Watkins Repack & Lumber Services. We are based in Lithonia, Georgia, near Atlanta.


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